Perth council required to have climate change tag on all reports

Councillor Judy Brown
Councillor Judy Brown reads a report in a discussion with the other members of Perth council about the effects of climate change at the meeting on April 16. Photo credit: Emilie Must.
Posted on: April 17, 2019

Perth council is now required to think about and make public the effects council’s decisions will have on climate change. Council voted unanimously to make a separate subheading stating whether the impact is positive, negative, neutral or if the effect is not yet known.

“It will either be changing our ways to reduce our carbon footprint or to get ready for the impending climate changes coming,” Director of development and protective services Forbes Symon said.

On March 13, the climate change sustainability advisory panel brought forward a motion for council to state the climate implications on all future decisions and reports.

This change will force council to think about climate change with everything decision made moving forward. This move helps the town reach their climate change goals as outlined in the climate change action plan.

Article by Emilie Must

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