Perth council dedicates $4,000 for cat pound services pilot project

Posted on: March 8, 2019

Dogs are no longer the only animals provided services in the town of Perth. Cats will now be given the same treatment.

Perth council dedicated $4,000 for securing cat pound services from the Lanark Animal Welfare service for 2019 as a new one-year pilot project. Council previously supported dog pound services in partnership with Lanark animal control officer Anita Stuart. 

The project will only cover costs for cats delivered by the animal control officer to LAWS. 

Council agrees that the $4,000 cannot provide for every vet bill, as bills for just one cat could equal that amount. The money would only go towards life-saving procedures. If a cat is found near death, the animal will be taken to the vet instead of LAWS. 

The current budget predicts that the cost of services for 25 cats would fit into the $4,000. However, if the cost of cat pound services and vet expenses exceeds that number, the agreement will be terminated. 

Article / Photo by Emilie Must