Perth Council gearing down as election draws near

Mayor John Fenik
Mayor John Fenik proclaims the Poppy Campaign in Perth begins October 26. Photo credit: Sally Smith.
Posted on: September 26, 2018

Sally Smith

Perth council members were careful Tuesday night not to pass motions or make future plans that might affect a new council to be elected October 22. A motion to invest a $2 million Guaranteed Investment Certificate was amended for the new council to discuss it at the 2019 budget deliberation process in the new year.

Councillor Brown added that in fact perhaps the next council might not think the investment a good one and might have different priorities. The motion and amendment were passed unanimously.

Stay tuned to newspapers and Lake 88 for voting information; make use your name is on the voters’ list.

Mayor Fenik tossed out the idea that now might be a good time to consider a second ice sheet or hockey arena for Perth as there is some doubt the Lanark arena will be “re-opened because of structural issues.”

Mayor Fenik proclaimed October 28 to November 3 as English as a Second Language Week.

The Poppy campaign begins October 26 and runs to November 11. This is the 200th anniversary of the WWI Armistice. Veterans Week, in Perth, is November 4 to 11.