Perth council approves Conlon Farm garage site

Posted on: August 30, 2017

Sally Smith

The site for the Conlon Farm garage was once again at council on Tuesday, Aug. 29. This time the controversial site was passed but not without opposition.

Councillors Boldt and Graff voted against the chosen site while the rest of council voted for it.
Perth staff, with due consideration, research and analysis chose the site “beside the right field corner of the Legion Ball Diamond in the Southwest end of the parking lot closest to St. John High School as the preferred option.” This site was chosen “due to lower cost and the pros and cons in the report.”
The pros for this site are: virtually no pedestrian or traffic flow; beside a path already used for maintenance, and more accessible in winter.

The total cost for this site is $51,153 versus $64,713 for the other considered site at the base of the toboggan hill replacing the existing garage.

Councillor Jim Boldt said there must be a “cheaper solution, a better design,” and he does also doesn’t like the location.

Councillor Jim Graff felt the staff should have consulted more with council before making the decision.
On the other hand, Councillor Ed McPherson considered the current building “a disgrace, even though the town has tried to maintain it.” The current garage will be kept/maintained but a larger garage is needed, he said having walked the site. “We need to look after these facilities.”