Perth council undecided on new storage garage location at Conlon Farm

Rick Wilson addresses a special council meeting Tuesday about where to build a new garage at Conlon Farm.
Posted on: May 11, 2017

Sally Smith

Rick Wilson from the Perth and District Little League addressed a special Council meeting on May 9 with his views on where a storage building should be placed at Conlon Farm.
With provincials this year, its important to have Conlon Farm up to snuff,he said. To him that means the building has to be in a corner somewhereso it doesnt block sight lines or interfere with the progress of the tournament in any way.

When teams go back to where they came from, we want them to brag about Perth,he added.

Barry Boyce, as a 50-year member of the Royal Canadian Legion, a United Nations Peace Keeper and a veteran, was – in an unusual move – allowed to  make a brief statement as well. We have today what we planned back then (1987).The Legion gave money and volunteer hours to build the ball fields. As veterans of this town, we put a lot of time and effort into [it]. There are only a few of us left today and we never want to hear that Conlon Farm is a disgrace.
He urged council to take a second look at where the 40 x 28 building would be placed.

The budget this year approved a new garage for Conlon Farm. The indoor storage facility will house a tractor and an electric mule used for maintenance services. We looked at five sites, plus four or five others,said Shannon Baillon, director of community services.
Of the sites, staff recommended the garage be built at the south-end of the parking lot on the east side of the Legion ball diamond. Its the second lowest in cost and out of the way of the Legion diamond.
Staff report noted that it is necessary to run power to the new garage to provide an indoor secure location to charge the newly purchased electric mule.

Mayor John Fenik disagreed with the choice, as did councillor Jim Graff. Their choice was to replace the existing garage by levelling the site and re-building on that spot.
Councillor John Gemmell liked the north end of the parking lot at a cheaper price. Councillor Judy Brown liked the north end, too. Councillor Jim Boldt wouldnt support Feniks or Graffs choice unless it was possible to power the new building with solar panels.

At this suggestion, Fenik commented it was unlikely that a consensus would be reached. Well just go round in circles.

Gemmell, seconded by Boldt, made a motion to defer the decision to the next Committee of the Whole meeting in mid-May. The motion was passed with Brown dissenting. It will just happen all over again,she said.

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