Perth mayor candidate – John Fenik

John Fenik
John Fenik
Posted on: October 5, 2018

John Fenik Municipal Election Candidate Profile

Name: John Fenik

Municipality: Perth

Position Sought: Mayor

Work and Volunteer Experience: John Fenik is the current Mayor of Perth and the current Warden of Lanark County. He first joined council in 1997, working as a councillor from ’97 to 2003. He worked as deputy mayor from ’03 to ’06, and has worked as mayor ever since. Fenik is the Co-Chair of the Eastern Ontario Leadership Council and is a current board member of the Lanark County Housing Corporation and the Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital. He is also a former member of the Perth Police Service Board, the Perth Business Improvement Area and the Perth Chamber of Commerce.

Please list the top three issues facing your municipality and its residents that you would like to tackle in the upcoming council term, and what are your solutions/approach to these three issues:

Protecting our town’s fiscal health – The Town of Perth is in great financial health. We currently have over $8 million in reserves and a very low debt load of $372,000. Like your household, we are saving for a rainy day. I don’t have a crystal ball. We don’t know what the future holds – new provincial and federal governments means our municipal landscape changes every day. But, I can tell you this: I will continue to ensure our town’s budget will be balanced, I will ensure Perth remains an affordable place to live, and I promise all residents will continue to receive quality service from town hall.

Planning for Growth – The stage is set for healthy growth here in our beautiful town. Lands north of Hwy. 7 and other areas across Perth are ready for residential development. This growth will give us the opportunity to meet new friends and give others the chance to call Perth home. Yet in order for this to happen, an amendment to both the County’s and the Town of Perth’s official plan must take place. Over the past year and a half, I have been working hard with other politicians and staff, laying the foundations for a town and county official plan amendment. Without this amendment, growth in Perth will stagnate. The positive and collaborative relationships I have developed with other politicians and levels of government over my 20 years as an elected official will help make these amendments happen.

Quality of Life – Everywhere I go, people tell me about Perth’s beauty. It’s true. Every day, when I walk through the town I am amazed. I love our downtown’s heritage beauty, as well as our parks and river, and I think to myself: this is the most beautiful place on earth. Over my years as mayor, I have protected our town’s natural assets. If I am given the privilege of being elected mayor, I will continue to ensure our town is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and the prettiest place we all know and love.