Perth formally adopts climate change action plan

Posted on: June 18, 2017

Sally Smith

Committee of the Whole passed a motion June 13 for the Town of Perth to adopt the Local Climate Change Action Plan and submit it to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities under the Green Municipal Fund project.

“This is not a happy, feel good report,” Mayor John Fenik said after Sean Campbell, climate change plan coordinator gave his presentation. “Our intention is to change the vision and view of the Town.” It’s a working paper “an evergreen document that will grow and be acted upon,” Fenik added. “It will move us in the direction we need to go.” It’s not a paper to sit on a shelf, he reiterated.

The plan “establishes an absolute reduction rate of 10 percent below 2015 greenhouse gas emission levels by 2022 for the Town of Perth corporately, and six percent below 2015 by 2022 for community emissions.”

“Perth is leading the way,” Campbell said. “We have to get the story out.”
Councillor Jim Graff said the most important part was the community and helping them understand that it was not going to ruin their lifestyle. “Six percent is doable by 2022,” he agreed.

Funding for the project is contained in the 2017 budget and supported by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green fund. The motion will go to council June 27.