Perth heritage panel considers allowing an outside member

Perth museum on a snowy day. Photo from Town of Perth website, credit Jeryn Daly
Posted on: February 11, 2017

Sally Smith 

Part of Perths charm is its look. Many of the buildings in and around town have immense heritage value, and the town has in place a heritage committee to ensure the old buildings are well cared for.

To date, Heritage Perth Advisory Panel requirements for those wishing to be become a member are as follows:

  • a Canadian citizen, and
  • a resident or taxpayer of Perth.

On Feb. 7, Shannon Baillon, director of community services brought a recommendation to the Perth Committee of the Whole that this requirement be amended to include that one member may reside outside the municipality due to the heritage nature and expertise required for this panel.
John deRosenroll, chief administrative officer for Perth said that if there is someone with heritage skills who lives outside Perth boundaries, it would be a waste not to use those skills.

The recommendation will go to council Feb. 21 for a final yes or no.