Perth staff are working to control local flooding

Parking is completely under water at Perth Outfitters.
Posted on: May 8, 2017

Matthew Behrens

Perth is not isolated from the historic flooding affecting much of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

In Perth, a substantial portion of Stewart Park is under water with a number of bridges through the grassy area closed do to high waters. Much of Last Duel Park is also under water, as lonely picnic tables sit surrounded by over a foot of water.

Canal Bank Road was closed on Monday, May 8 as the Tay overtook the only pathway in to the popular physical fitness and spa at Tay River Reflections. For Perth Outfitters, there was absolutely no parking as the lot and surrounding pathways were engulfed by floodwater.

Perth utility worker Josh Mahon told Hometown News as he returned from laying sandbags near the town’s main sewer line that he has never seen the water so high. He and his co-workers have been paddling through large stretches of now submerged grasslands behind the Perth Curling Club and the houses on Beckwith Street East