Protesters have their say about angle/parallel parking

Jewel Brady holds up a KEEP ANGLE PARKING sign
Jewel Brady says councillors should listen to the public. She was protesting the vote on parallel versus angle parking outside Town Hall Monday night. Photo credit: Sally Smith.
Posted on: February 5, 2019

Shortly after Committee of the Whole started Monday night at 4 p.m., noise from outside began to filter up to council chambers. Activists on the street were protesting the recent contentious decision by council to opt for parallel parking versus angle parking which has been one of Smiths Falls more visible characteristics over the past near-century.

Flanked by police cruisers, protestors waved signs and one hollered through a bull horn urging passing drivers to honk for angle parking.

Jewel Brady was there in the cold, darkening evening. “I like angle parking. There should have been a vote by the citizens. [Councillors] should listen to the public,” she said.

Kathy Abbass agreed. “I want angle parking kept. It’s part of the heritage of Smiths Falls. [Councillors] haven’t listened — their minds are made up.”

Norma Ford is from Montague. She does all her shopping in Smiths Falls and spends lots of money here. She also is handicapped. She calls this decision “a dirty trick of council.” She says if it had been brought up during election campaigning, people could have had their say when they voted. As that didn’t happen, she calls council as “dishonest as they come.”

Late January, in a recorded vote, a motion to rescind the motion regarding angle versus parallel parking made by the previous council in February 2018, was won 4 to 3. Those voting for were Councillors Alford, McKenna, Allen and Mayor Pankow. Those voting against were Councillors Brennan, McGuire and Dwyer.

Article by Sally Smith

5 thoughts on “Protesters have their say about angle/parallel parking

  1. Cristine Hill

    All though I don’t live in Smith Falls we do alot of shopping there and going out to the restaurants durning the summers as we camp in Lombardy. We love the angle parking we find there is more parking this way over parallel. So I do hope they decide to keep the angle parking. Cristine Hill

  2. Janet Salmon

    They are right. It was already voted for angle parking. The mayor wants parallel but it was done in a backhanded way. The town council and the mayor should be listening to the people and not going by their own agenda and just changing it.

  3. Margaret

    Shame on town council. I thought this was over with. It wasn’t broke before but council wants fix it. The money saved by not redoing Beckwith Street, could pay for a lot of other things that are more needed.
    Bike lanes….really???
    I always thought council worked on behalf of the public…guess not. Very disappointed.

  4. Shawn

    The town council is to 1970s and always has been, changing the parking will devastate the local businesses..This what you get when you elect a financial consultant who knows nothing about urban planning, just because you are a good baby kisser who won an election doesn’t mean you know jack about operating a town….Joe Gallipeau would have been a much better choice for Smiths Falls mayor…

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