Town of Smiths Falls issues public warning

Posted on: March 23, 2017

Public Warning – Door to Door Water Testing

A recent spike in residential complaints has prompted the release of a public warning from the Town of Smiths Falls.

If for any reason, residents have been approached by door to door salesmen claiming to be selling water treatment products that are endorsed by the municipality, you should be aware that this information is false. The Town of Smiths Falls does not sell or endorse private water filters or treatment systems for residents. The municipality’s drinking water system undergoes rigorous monitoring and testing on a daily basis to meet water quality regulations and as such, there is no need for additional treatment at the residents expense.

Residents should also be advised that door-to-door solicitors are not authorized to perform health-based tests on your water. Only fully accredited laboratories are licensed by the Province of Ontario to perform health-based tests relating to the quality of public drinking water. Those independent tests can also take approximately 24 to 48 hours to complete.

Property owners are therefore advised to exercise caution when being approached from any salesmen regarding water treatment systems “endorsed by the Town” and are advised to never give out any personal information. Furthermore, if anyone is approached by an individual reporting to be an employee of the Town, please take proper precautions by asking for photo ID and also feel free to contact the Town by phone to confirm whether or not they are indeed a municipal employee.

If you should have any further questions about the Town’s drinking water, please do contact the Public Works and Utilities Department at 613-283-4124 extension 5501 (Ted Joynt) or 613.284.2220 (back door for the Water Treatment Plant) by email at