Rideau Lakes councillor candidate – Joan Delaney

Joan Delaney
Joan Delaney
Posted on: September 14, 2018

Joan Delaney Municipal Election Candidate Profile

Name: Joan Delaney

Municipality: Township of Rideau Lakes

Position Sought: Councillor for South Crosby ward

Currently Retired or Working (where?): Retired teacher

Former Elected Positions/Terms if applicable: No elected positions yet.

Community volunteer experience (service clubs, local committees, fundraising, etc): Past president of Chaffey’s and Area Lake Association, past volunteer curator of Chaffey’s Lockmaster’s House Museum, current volunteer guide at the Old Stone Mill NHS in Delta, co-chair of Chaffey’s Lock Beautification Committee, past chair of the Elgin-Portland United Church Pastoral Charge, past chair of the Portland United Church Council, past president of Cornwall Minor Soccer.

Top 3 issues facing your municipality and its residents that council has control or major influence over: Complaints about the difficulties in developing properties; the debt load, and deteriorating hamlets.

Your solutions/approach to those 3 issues: I will seek to make the development services department more user friendly by having the staff work with the taxpayer in a collaborative way and reviewing the township-specific building codes. I would work to ensure that existing debt is paid down and reserves replenished before more major purchases. Several hamlets need some attention by the township and I would have a say in decisions.

Do you own (or have a stake in) or operate a commercial/industrial business in your municipality? (Including vacant development lands or rental units): Yes, we own a house in South Crosby.