Rideau Lakes councillor candidate – Marcia Cannon

Marcia Cannon
Marcia Cannon
Posted on: September 14, 2018

Marcia Cannon Municipal Election Candidate Profile

Name: Marcia Cannon

Municipality: Township of Rideau Lakes

Position Sought: Councillor

Currently Retired or Working (where?): Lawyer – worked for legal aid assisting low income people with legal representation; taught constitutional and human rights law (in Toronto)

Former Elected Positions/Terms if applicable: N/A

Community volunteer experience (service clubs, local committees, fundraising, etc): Currently on the board of directors for End of Life Planning Canada

Top 3 issues facing your municipality and its residents that council has control or major influence over: Commit to developing and retaining the Portland Community Hall to bring it into better repair; oversee the municipal budget to make necessary infrastructure improvements for the community; avoid selling off valuable and beloved community assets, such as community halls, in order to finance unnecessary projects that replace existing structures, and will cost us more money.

Your solutions/approach to those 3 issues: Bring direct democracy to the people. Get out and speaking to the residents who may not feel comfortable speaking up. Maintain the beauty of the region and the health of the Big Rideau, which is the life-blood of Ward 1. A septic review program for lake-dwellers would be a good start.

Do you own (or have a stake in) or operate a commercial/industrial business in your municipality? (Including vacant development lands or rental units): I own property in Portland and Chaffeys Locks.