Rideau Lakes speed sign will support public safety

Speed Signs
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Posted on: November 29, 2019

Residents and visitors driving local roads will soon see a new addition popping up throughout the community in 2020.   

Mayor Hoogenboom and members of the Leeds County OPP were recently on hand at the Ronald E Holman Municipal Complex in South Elmsley to unveil the Township’s new portable radar speed sign.   

The sign was spearheaded by Mayor Hoogenboom, with support from Council, as a key road safety measure.  The sign will prominently display motorist’s speeds as they approach, and visually warn those exceeding the speed limit to slow down.  

Beyond real-time feedback for drivers, the sign will also log data that will allow for future targeted enforcement campaigns by the OPP.  

Mayor Hoogenboom remarked, “This sign is part of our commitment to improving road safety and addressing concerns from residents about localized speeding.  With OPP enforcement resources being in high demand, this sign will support effective and targeted use of these resources, while at the same time reminding drivers of their duty to obey speed limits.”

Speeding on local roads is a community concern commonly heard by Council. Traffic counting equipment deployed this summer, which also logged vehicle speeds, recorded single occurrence speeds of 160km/h on Eric Hutcheson Road, 159km/h on Golf Club Road 155km/h on Big Rideau Lake Road,  145km/h on Sand Lake Road and 143km/h on Forfar Road.

Enclosed picture: L-R Detachment Commander Mike Francis, Leeds County OPP; Mayor Arie Hoogenboom; Staff Sargent Josh Kingsley, Leeds County OPP; Constable Erin Cranton, Community Safety Officer, Leeds County OPP

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