Rockland Nationals couldn’t hold up against Carleton Place Canadians

Photo by Harrison Field
Posted on: November 23, 2017

Harrison Field

Yet another early lead for the Carleton Place Canadians resulted in a four-to-one win over the Rockland Nationals on Sunday, Nov.19.

While the Nationals were able to push the Canadians into their own zone, the Nationals were not able to get the puck in the net, with only five shots in the first period as oppose to the Canadians’ 15.

That being said, the Canadians did not have a commanding first period, with passes being either intercepted or not connecting at all.

When the passes did reach the intended target, however, there were plenty of scoring opportunities.

It was an uphill battle going into the second period for the Nationals, and after an unsuccessful power play at the beginning of the period, it only became more difficult.

The Canadians, on the other hand, were in much better form in the second period. They were able to clear the puck better and stay in the Nationals’ zone.

Partway through the second period, during a slashing penalty against Justin Cmunt, The Nationals were caught too far forward, allowing Travis Broughman to score a shorthanded goal, putting any momentum that the Nationals were gaining to a halt.

During the third period, strong pushes from both teams kept the puck in the neutral zone until the Canadians needed to make a line change. The Nationals were able to set up in the Canadians’ zone and get a shot off at the net. Canadians’ goalie Michael Leach was able to slide across the goalie crease and block it from entering the net.

Leach was not able to get a shutout, however, as the Nationals’ Cameron Scrivens was able to score just as a penalty against the Canadians ended.

The next home game for the Canadians takes place on Dec. 3 at 3:00 p.m. against the Smiths Falls Bears at the Carleton Place arena.