Few rooms and rentals in Smiths Falls

Smiths Falls town hall.
Posted on: May 15, 2018

Sally Smith

CAO Malcolm Morris gave a good-news, bad-news story to CoW on Monday – there is lots of interest in finding rooms and accommodations in Smiths Falls, but there aren’t any! “It’s an unprecedented situation,” says Councillor Cummings. “It’s a problem we thought we’d never have.”

Morris says if people have space, if there are rooms, or a room, available, call Ingrid Bron, Economic Development and Tourism Co-ordinator at 613-283-4124, ext. 1127. Councillor Gallipeau says that starting next week, there will be rooms at the Gallipeau Centre. Requests will go out on social media, as well.

Typically, Morris adds, the stay is short term until they find more permanent housing; “asks” are coming from people being hired by Canopy Growth, and from construction workers.

“We don’t have a ready supply,” says Cummings, “so I’m glad we’re being proactive.