SAGR technology chosen for lagoon in Perth

Posted on: January 18, 2017

Sally Smith

Councillor Jim Graff questioned why the great differencebetween engineering firm tenders for Phase 1 of a Submerged Activated Growth Reactor (SAGR) for Perths lagoon. The lagoon has been reaching its capacity for many years and must be expanded to support a larger population and/or provide greater effluent treatment.

A successful field test was completed on an SAGR, and the technology was chosen as a cost-effective alternative to a wastewater treatment plant. Five engineering firms submitted bids; one was not opened. There is over a $200,000 difference between bid one and bid four. Councillor Graff wanted to know why, as did Councillor Jim Boldt. Did the top guy miss something?” he asked.

Machan assured councillors and mayor that staff puts a lot of effort into designing tenders and that AECOM gave the best value for the lowest priceat $380,000. Staff recommended the mayor and clerk sign an agreement with AECOM for Phase 1 of the SAGR engineering and administration services. Funding is accounted for in 2016 and 2017 budgets.