School crossing guard locations reviewed at CoW

Crossing Guard Mary Lyn Durant
Crossing Guard Mary Lyn Durant. Photo credit: Matthew Behrens.
Posted on: July 24, 2018

Sally Smith

In just over a month kids will be heading back to school. With the push to get children exercising more and school boards increasing the distance they can/should walk, the Town is updating its crossing guard locations and adding/subtracting some.

Nadine Bennett, Deputy Clerk, presented a report to Committee of the Whole Monday night regarding two new proposed locations for the fall of 2018 and the Community Safety Zones.

The Town currently provides crossing guards at five different locations during the school year, September to June.

With St. James on Catherine Street closing and the new St. Francis de Sales opening  on Ross Street in September, Town staff looked at new locations to ensure safety. Staff proposed keeping four of the current locations and eliminating one; due to the closure of St. James School, there is no longer a requirement for a crossing guard at Brockville and Oak Streets. Staff proposed a new location at Broadview and Brockville Street.

Staff also proposed a back-up crossing guard at Ross and Percy Streets at the beginning of the school year because of the congestion — vehicular and bus traffic, and children and adults walking to Chimo School. There were concerns at ‘how’ the children were crossing the street.

Current crossing guard locations are: Russell/Elmsley, Brockville/Ross, McGill/Chambers, Brockville/Oak (request is to eliminate this location), Queen/Anderson. New proposed locations are: Brockville/Broadview (with signage and pavement markings to be installed), and Ross and Percy (crossing guard suggested on a temporary basis to determine if a permanent guard is required. If permanent, signage and pavement markings would be installed.)