Am I the Only One: Self-motivation is the new super power

Self motivation
Posted on: March 21, 2019


I grew up in an ordinary middle-class blue-collar home. We had street smarts and work ethic. There were no hand-outs. We were ruled by the Law of GOYA: Get Off Your A……android. Yes, the good old days when parents still ran the household.

We were self-motivated because of scarcity and boredom. I quit lower-paying jobs for higher-paying jobs because I wanted more. The world didn’t fall at our feet. Now it seems that isn’t true anymore. I think abundance is the problem. Our social and intellectual needs can be met without ever leaving the house and if Mom’s cooking, all the better. Throw in some cannabis and video games and you have the new world order.

Nobody is bored anymore. When we grew up, we left the house and found something to do because we were bored. Boredom launched me. I moved out at 19 because I got bored living at home with my parents. I must thank them for the effort not to make my life too easy at home.

We can’t blame the younger generation for being demotivated. They grew up with technology and thanks to Google and algorithms we never have to engage with the outside world. There are many corporations benefiting from the demise of the middle class such as big pharma, the food industry, healthcare and alcohol to name a few. Did they take away the middle class or did we hand it to them?

The school of hard knocks. It was a good education and provided common sense solutions for everyday problems for generations.  

Am I the only one?

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Article by Carrie Wynne