SFDCI fundraising for indigenous visitors

Smiths Falls town hall.
Posted on: May 15, 2018

Sally Smith

Smiths Falls District Collegiate Institute’s Gr. 10 Civics class asked council for a grant of $500 to help raise funds to bring 15 indigenous students from North Saskatchewan to visit the town for a week, and, in return, for 15 SFDCI students to travel to the northern community for a week.

Council agreed to the request, and suggested the student planning committee also go to service clubs in the area as well as the Local Immigration Partnership.

The 15 indigenous kids are from the Dene tribe in the Fond du Lac area. They live in an isolated, fly-in, community with fewer than 1000 people; most have never travelled.

While here, SFDCI students will introduce them to museums, parks, local food markets, and possibly parliament hill.