Site meeting planned in early September at Rocky Ramps in Perth

Steve Braun, senior water resource engineer, with Matrix Solutions, explains the Rocky Ramp solution to council Tuesday, Aug. 29.
Posted on: August 30, 2017

Sally Smith

In an unusual move, Mayor John Fenik asked visitors attending Perth council to voice their opinions about the Rocky Ramp Phase II project plans along the Tay River at Tuesday night’s council meeting. Many stood and spoke voicing their concerns about the aesthetics, or more precisely, lack of aesthetics, of the project so far.

Steve Braun, senior water resources engineer, along with Matthew McComb, water resources engineer, of Matrix Solutions, presented Rocky Ramp phase II to council. In their presentation they spoke of the design to restore the 80/20 flow of the flow patterns in the Tay River, and the planned work to remove organic material above the existing dam and the design to ensure the area would remain free of organic material in the future.

They presented an artist’s rendering of the final look of the Rocky Ramp and discussed the removal of rock on the downstream side of the existing Rocky Ramp to create a more aesthetically pleasing look during both low and medium flow conditions.

It was the look of the river that caused most discussion from the floor, led by Mayor Fenik. “When things aren’t flowing it looks not good,” he said, stating this was only his position. Councillor Riq Turner agreed with him. Councillor Ed McPherson wondered if the project needed “all that rock?”

Fred Fowler, Craig St. resident, suggested two large flat rocks.

Braun commented that his experience has shown that stones have to be a certain way. “A little pointy, a little rounded, not too flat, otherwise they get pushed around,” he said.

Councillor Judy Brown added, “[The] river has to be engineered to make it work, [it’s] not necessarily [about] how it looks.” She was for going ahead with the motion for the budget deviation for Rocky Ramp Phase II.

Jeff Lee, John St. resident, suggested a site meeting. Mayor Fenik picked up on this and brought the discussion to a close.

Schedule for the site meeting on Sept. 5 for any and all is as follows:

  • Rocky Ramp I at 4 p.m.
  • Rocky Ramp II at 5 p.m.
  • Special council meeting for further discussion at 6 p.m.