Skateboard park to be named for Larry Hardy

Former Smiths Falls Police Chief Larry Hardy, for upbeat. (Smiths Falls Police Service) Larry Hardy is native of Essex County near Windsor and came to Smiths Falls in 1990 with 16 years of police experience having served with the Metropolitan Toronto Police, the Mersea Township Police, and since 1986 as the chief of the Exeter Police. Chief Hardy is a strong proponent of community based policing and oversaw the implementation of this program in Smiths Falls. During his tenure the police service experienced its greatest development in technology and this was supplemented with comprehensive training for his staff that has provided the town of Smiths Falls with a self sufficient police service. In February 2012 Chief Hardy announced his retirement effective June 30th, the culmination of a 38 year career in policing.
Posted on: November 27, 2017

Chris Must

Plans to name the Smiths Falls skateboard park in memory of former Police Chief Larry Hardy are moving ahead.

A delegation, including former mayor Dennis Staples, came to town council in May to suggest that the park be named in honour of the former chief, who was instrumental in fundraising efforts to build the facility.
Hardy died at the age of 64 on April 26.

Town Clerk Kerry Costello advised councillors at a Nov. 27 meeting of the Committee of the Whole that a formal application to name the skate park in memory of Hardy had been received. The town’s “Naming of Municipal Facilities and Assets Policy” requires a public consultation process, so the public will be given two weeks to comment after advertisements appear in local papers.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Councillor John Maloney. “I sure hope there’s nobody opposing it.”
“I’m certainly in favour of naming it after him,” agreed Councillor Chris Cummings.

Cummings went on to ask Costello if a street had been designated to be named after former mayor Staples, in recognition of his long service as the head of council. Costello advised that in fact an agreement had been reached with Park View Homes that a street in the Bellamy Farms subdivision has been set aside to be named “Staples Boulevard.”