Smiths Falls Bears lose in shoot out to Cornwall Colts

SF Bears Feb 16 084
Posted on: February 19, 2018

Chris Uhlig 

You win some, you lose some, and the Friday, Feb. 16 Smiths Falls Junior A Bears game in the Bears’ Den fell into the later category, when the Cornwall Colts took home a 2-1 shootout win over the Bears. It wasn’t for of a lack of trying though. The Bears recorded a whopping 66 shots to the net versus 29 for the Colts.

Both regular time goals happened during the first period. Cornwall’s Ethan Mulhearn scored the first one of the game at 14.11, with Smiths Falls Bear Brian Bygrave evening the score at 15.22 with assists credited to Anthony Leradi and Ethan Coltart.

No scorings were recorded for the remainder of the game, including the first overtime period.

The first two players for the shootout were James Orr (CRW) and Mitchell Larabie, but both were unable to score. Jeremy Quesnel (CRW) and Alex DiCarlo followed next, also without goals. But Alex Wilkins (CRW) then managed to get the puck past Bradley Dobson, while Michael Larose didn’t share the same luck against goaltender Liam Lascelle (CRW).

First star of the game went to Liam Lascelle (CRW), second star to Dobson and third star to Wilkins. Attendance for the game was good with 324 fans in the ranks.