Smiths Falls Bears pull out a playoff win at home

Photos by Jared Ruttan
Posted on: March 22, 2017

Jarred Rattan

Smiths Falls Bears won Tuesday, March 22 in the Bears’ Den. The Smiths Falls team won 3-2 against Cornwall Colts.

The two teams had a tough battle with no goals in the first period. Once they teams  took to the ice for the second period though, the Bears made  two goals against the Colts. Cornwall scored a lone goal in the second period.

Both teams came back full force for the third period and with both teams adding another point to the scoreboard, but the Bears  still came out on top.

The Bears go to the next round of the playoffs on Thursday, March 23 and if they win they will play Friday at 7:30 in the Den.

Photos by Jared Ruttan