Smiths Falls councillor candidate – Peter McKenna

Peter McKenna
Peter McKenna
Posted on: October 5, 2018

Peter McKenna Municipal Election Candidate Profile

Name: Peter McKenna

Municipality: Smiths Falls

Position sought: Councillor

Are you currently retired or working and in what industry: I’m the Executive Director of Rideau Community Health Services, with plans for retirement this fall.

Former elected positions or terms if applicable: N/A

Community volunteer experience: I started volunteering in Smiths Falls when I was 15, advocating for decent, affordable housing.  I have served on at least 7 volunteer boards of directors in areas such as housing, health care, children’s services, health planning, child care, and more.

Please list the top three issues facing your municipality and its residents that you would like to tackle in the upcoming council term:

Growth and economic development must continue to be a priority. We’ve seen a lot of growth, and we need to think about how to manage our town in light of that growth. I will bring a thoughtful approach to managing our budgets, services and assets to the table. I want to make sure that as Smiths Falls continues to rise, it benefits ALL members of our community;

Refresh the existing strategic plan which will expire in 2020.  What I’ve learned is that if you have a plan and execute that plan, you get results. Municipalities and other organizations achieve success by having the vision of where we want to go and putting the plans in place to get us there and then delivering on those plans.

Let’s make our community infrastructure great. Our bridges, roads and water towers are priorities. I am also eager to explore new ventures to improve life for residents, including a residential hospice and a permanent farmers market;

To build this plan, I will actively engage our residents, businesses, civic groups, employees of the Town of Smiths Falls, and interested partners in a conversation about the future of our community. I’ll continue the current practice of linking annual business plans to the strategic plan to achieve maximum results.

Do you own property and/ or operate a business in the community you are seeking election: Donna and I own a home on Queen St where we hope to retire. (Just a block away from where I grew up).