Smiths Falls couple can buy town land for garage

Posted on: February 28, 2017

Chris Must

Smiths Falls town councillors are backing a recommendation from town planner Niki Dwyer to allow a local couple to purchase a small piece of town-owned land to build a garage next to their new home.

Dwyer presented a report at a meeting of council’s Committee of the Whole Feb. 27 recommending a bylaw be passed to sell the strip of land to Gary Davis and Eleanor Davies of 57 Broadview Ave. East.

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At a price of $1 per square foot, the value of the land is approximately $2,002, said Dwyer.

The strip of land is about six metres wide by 36 metres deep, and was part of a parcel set aside to serve as future parkland for the 150-lot Wood Avenue subdivision.

The town planner originally recommended last year that the property owners’ request to buy the land to erect a garage be rejected on the basis that the town had not “the long-term vision for the recreation parcel.”

However, in discussion at a November meeting, members of council sympathized with the property owners, arguing that the land in question was too small to make much of a difference in town planning. Davis commented at that meeting that he intended to sell the property if he couldn’t get permission to build the garage.

“We all felt when this was brought forward and explained, that it’s a nice story that we can work with the owners,” said Councillor Lorraine Allen at the Feb. 27 meeting.