Smiths Falls to drop lottery licence fees

Posted on: January 17, 2017

By Chris Must

The Town of Smiths Falls has voted to stop charging charitable organizations a fee for lottery licences.

After some members of council argued that these fees were a burden on service clubs, and took away from money going to community projects, a bylaw was prepared to cancel the fees altogether.

As allowed by provincial law, the town previously charged a fee of three per cent of any prizes to be awarded in a lottery to issue a licence. This revenue was intended to recover the cost of staff time in the administration of lotteries.

“What a great message we’re sending to the service clubs today,” said Councillor John Maloney. “That we care about the things they do in the community.”

Councillor Jay Brennan agreed that, “The service clubs spend countless hours raising the money.”

The move was opposed by Councillors Joe Gallipeau and Dawn Quinn, who argued that the cost of administering lotteries would now be passed on to taxpayers.