Smiths Falls gym new one-stop-spot for all things fitness

Iron Body Fitness
Iron Body Fitness owner Mike Gallagher (left) and manager Charlotte Hunter inside the new Smith Falls gym on June 7, 2017. Photo credit: Jane Hobson.
Posted on: July 24, 2017

Jane Hobson

A new gym opened in Smiths Falls in mid-June. Located at 42 Union Street, Iron Body Fitness is a gym that offers heavy weight lifting, cardio, seniors’ classes, yoga classes and more.

“There was a need for a modern, fully-equipped gym in Smiths Falls so that’s what we created,” said Iron Body Fitness owner Mike Gallagher.

And fully equipped it is. Let’s start from the top, literally.

Yoga classes are hosted in the loft of the gym where natural lighting floods through large windows. The white ceiling and dark brown beam-work continues from the loft down to the next story where cardio machines are found.

“We have everything anyone would need for cardio — from treadmill to elliptical to bike,” Gallagher said.

Large televisions hang near the window, giving members the option to gaze outside or catch up on shows while burning some calories.

On the main floor of the gym is a large machine room with a rubberized floor that boasts a six-stack cable crossover machine, dumbbells up to 150 pounds and a lat-pullover bench. There’s also a heavy weight lifting section where the entire floor is rubberized and sound proofed.

“The rubberized and sound proofed floor is really awesome because it means you can drop those super heavy weights and it won’t disrupt anyone else in the gym,” said Gallagher. This feature is rarely found in other gyms, he added.

Along with machines, Iron Body Fitness also supplies other workout equipment like foam rollers, rubber bands for stretching and more.

There are two large, very private individual change rooms each with a shower convenient for on-the-go members who want to squeeze in a sweat-sesh during their lunch break or before a meeting. A smaller, showerless change room is also up for grabs.

Not only does the multiple story building make the gym unique, but so do the amenities it offers.

Iron Body Fitness invites members to lounge in the seating area where they can relax and enjoy some coffee, juice or a protein shake, which are all for sale. The gym sells merchandise too. It has both brand name workout clothes and gear with the Iron Body Fitness logo. Allmax supplements are also for sale.

“We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable here,” said Charlotte Hunter, the manager at Iron Body Fitness. “That’s really important to us because gyms can feel intimidating — but not this one.”

The gym is open seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Personal trainers are available and Gallagher said they are looking to hire more certified personal trainers. The membership fee is $30 per month or $38 per month for access to all the classes. Drop-ins are welcome at Iron Body Fitness for a price of $10 a day.

“We want to give people a unique, upscale gym that they’ll love to come back to again and again,” said Gallagher.

This article first appeared in the July issue of Hometown News. Read more of the July issue in our digital version.