Smiths Falls invests in swans to keep geese at bay

Posted on: June 27, 2017

 Chris Must 

The town of Smiths Falls is hoping that a pair of swans trumps a whole gaggle of geese.

At a meeting of town council’s Committee of the Whole  on June 26, Director of Community Services Art Manhire told councillors two swans have been purchased to help drive geese away from the Upper Basin of the Rideau River in town.

“They are very hardy birds and are very aggressive in terms of their habitat, especially towards geese nesting in the same area,” said Manhire.

Geese are considered a nuisance in many communities because of their droppings, which are unsanitary and can make the areas around their nests slippery and unsafe.

Manhire said the new Smiths Falls swans are “pinioned,” so they will be unable to fly, and will be housed in warm quarters over the winter before being introduced into the Upper Basin each spring.

3 thoughts on “Smiths Falls invests in swans to keep geese at bay

  1. Sheila Kim Clark

    I hope these birds will NOT be allowed to breed. They are an invasive species and will aggressively beat out the native Trumpeter Swans, along with other native waterfowl for the best nesting sites. They also do a lot of damage in the way that they feed, ripping up the vegetation from the roots, thereby destroying the habitat. Any where that these birds have been introduced, it has created nothing but a environmental nightmare.

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