Smiths Falls not successful in receiving Connecting Links funding

Downtown Smiths Falls.
Posted on: March 20, 2018

Sally Smith

The Town of Smiths Falls did not receive MTO Connecting Links Funding for 2018/19, according to Brandy Duhaime, Regional Communication Co-ordinator with the eastern region of the Ministry of Transportation.

The preliminary cost construction of eligible roadworks, in the first phase of redevelopment of the Downtown Core (Beckwith St. – Chambers to Russell), including eligible engineering and contingencies would have been $1,745,722.09 (net of HST). If the Town had been successful in the application, up to 90 percent of this amount, or $1,579,249.88 would have been funded by the province. The remaining balance of $175,472.21 would have been funded by the  municipality.

The Connecting Link Program supports over 350 km of roads and 70 bridges along connecting links in 77 municipalities across Ontario.

Duhaime says the MTO has encouraged the Town to re-submit next year.

Troy Dunlop, Director of Public Works and Utilities, says the Town will be announcing the “outcome” at Committee of the Whole Monday March 26.

2 thoughts on “Smiths Falls not successful in receiving Connecting Links funding

  1. Ivan Schroeder

    So what does the lack of these funds mean for the Beckwith St make over. I would hope that it does not continue at the tax payers expense

  2. wayne hamilton

    So we are not inculded in the 8 billion of new debt and then, we are not in a LIBERAL riding either. Go figure! The depth of this Liberal gov’t is even lower then our pot holes.

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