Smiths Falls police lay numerous drug and assault charges over past week

Smiths Falls Police
Posted on: February 7, 2017


Threats lead to domestic assault charge
On Wednesday, Feb.   a 22-year-old female contacted police about receiving a threat from her 26-year-old boyfriend.  As a result of investigation, the accused was arrested for domestic assault and held for a bail hearing to answer to this charge.

Domestic assault leads to numerous criminal charges
On Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017 police responded to a domestic assault around 8 a.m. The investigation revealed that the accused, a 31-year-old male had assaulted his 28-year-old girlfriend in their residence and damaged property owned by the victim during this altercation.

The accused was arrested and police located a small quantity of marijuana on his person.  He is charged with domestic assault, domestic mischief under $5,000, possession of marijuana under 30 grams and two counts of breaching his previous officer in charge undertaking release conditions.  The accused was held for a bail hearing to answer to these charges.

Six arrested in search warrants
On Friday Feb. 3 members of the Smiths Falls Police Service executed two search warrants simultaneously on two residences on McGill Street North.  While executing these warrants, police located a quantity of marijuana and cocaine, drug trafficking paraphernalia and cash.

Police also seized a shotgun during the execution of these warrants. The firearm was not stored properly and had its serial number defaced.  Five Smiths Falls residents and one Perth resident have been charged with numerous criminal offences as a result.

3 thoughts on “Smiths Falls police lay numerous drug and assault charges over past week


    Well this is quite the post. A quantity of marijunnat seized totalling 2 grams purchased at the green tree medical dispensary on 352 preston street in Ottawa a quantity of cocaine? ;seriously? They charged a person who had stepped foot into a residence to move an oven in who was strickly there for the propose of moving an oven with half a gram of cocaine . Sounds like the 20plus hours they spent distorting that families house and children really paid off for them. a prohibited device sounds to me like it would be pretty dangerous but by the sounds of things Mr officer Brad walker had opened the knife up. Handed it to the lease holder of the house asking her to close it before it was placed into her purse. Where it was Taken to jail where it was when seized out of her personal belongings in which the officer had placed it during the arrest. . Sounds like quite the case going on here. 6 people arrested for the same couple grams of weed. I wonder how many people enjoy financing micky mouse shows like this. They fail to mention how they left a dog alone in the home for 4 days whom ate the door apart nor the fact that a the police heald a gun to the head of a person who was clearly putting a cigarette out in front of a 10 year old boy with disabilities. I guess who ever wrote this article is a reporter Givin this information to make it look like police are actually doing something to help the town. Well ladies and gents they succeeded. They took 2 whole grams of pot off the street and a switch blade knife. The world is now a better place.

    1. April Scott-Clarke

      These reports are submitted by the police department. This is why it says “submitted” at the top of the post.

  2. Margaret

    Well Laurie…..that was quite the reply to this article. One could only assume that since your knowledge of the incident is so “detailed”, that you were one of those fine citizens of SF, that were involved somehow, if not arrested?!
    I personally, as a taxpayer, do authorize the financing of “mickey mouse shows” like this one. I pay to have a safe neighbourhood. Last time I checked, any amount of cocaine to have, is still illegal, so much for the oven purchase. I also believe the police do not just pick & choose which houses they enter, they have a reason to get a warrant to enter a property. Seems like this house had enough reason to enter, because a judge signed off on giving the police that warrant. Also, I fail to see what a child with disabilities has to do with your rant…..let alone being around people that the police are interested in. Maybe CAS should be involved some how.
    Lastly, I have one question for you Laurie… it the police you call when you have an emergency? Seems like they would be good enough for that, but not for cleaning up neighbourhoods?! No matter what amount of cocaine and/or firearms……..especially around a child with a disability.

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