Smiths Falls set to reopen foot bridge

Posted on: April 25, 2017

Chris Must

Engineers will be onsite Tuesday, April 25 in to determine if it is safe to open the South Pedestrian Bridge connecting Turtle Island to Duck Island in Smiths Falls.

The bridge was closed earlier this month due to high water levels.

“As soon as we get the all clear we’ll open that up for pedestrians right-of-way,” Director of Community Services Art Manhire told members of town council at a meeting Monday evening, April 24.

Because flooding is expected to threaten the safety of the bridge in future years, he added, the engineers will also be instructed “to come up with solutions for that structure.”

One thought on “Smiths Falls set to reopen foot bridge

  1. Marcia

    Great idea to fix their mistake! I was shocked they didn’t build it higher to alleviate this from happening. Research helps.

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