Smiths Falls Settlers lose out on championship to Essa Stallions

Posted on: March 19, 2018

Chris Uhlig

It’s a wrap, the dream has come to an end. After having lost the first of the Championship games 1-4 against the Essa Stallions Friday, the Settlers had to win Saturday to keep in the run for the Championship. But despite giving their best, the team didn’t find a way to push past their formidable opponent, which in all fairness was the better team that night.

The Stallions started off strong in the first period with two goals by Tim Holmstrom and Liam Coleman. However, Shonwahnokon Thompson, assisted by Maverick Baxtrom,  reignited the faith for the Settlers with a score merely four second before the end of the period.

Chris Hunt of the Stallions extended his teams lead with the only score of the second period.

A last ditch effort by the Settlers, taking out their goalie, was crushed when the Stallions hit the empty net for the final score of the game.

The Essa Stallions won the CPJHL Championship 4-1.

The First Star of the game went to Ethan James (Stallions), Second Star went to Kyle Fritz, and Third Star went to Tim Holmstrom (Stallions).

Close to 300 fans came to see the game. The Smiths Falls Settlers, a team that was almost unknown in the community only a year ago, made a great impression on many, and we hope to see them back in action when the new season starts in the fall.