Smiths Falls swans arrive July 4, naming contest starts

Posted on: July 4, 2017


The two swans the Town of Smiths Falls purchased to deter the geese will arrive this afternoon (July 4) at 5 p.m. and residents are invited by the town to come out and welcome them.

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The swans will be released into the upper basin at the end of Duck Island with the hope that their presence will discouraging the geese from nesting .

The swans will reside there in the spring, summer and fall and will be housed offsite in the winter.

There will be a naming contest for the swans and the public is invited to submit their name suggestions to

A name will be selected from the submitted list and the winner will receive a small thank you gift for their contribution.

9 thoughts on “Smiths Falls swans arrive July 4, naming contest starts

  1. D

    Victoria and George Smith. Named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions and, Empress of India as the wife of King-Emperor George V. She was the Reigning Monarch in 1867.

  2. Sheila Kim Clark

    Just so you know, the 2 swans that are out there swimming right now are not mute swans – they are Bewick’s swans – still not native, but at least related to our native tundra swans.

  3. David Wiens

    This would assure the memory of the mayor and his wife and their tremendous work to make ‘our town’ as beautiful as it is.

  4. Doris Weir

    Salt and Pepper.
    WE had two local swans here and they were very nice to watch and observe. They used to come and rest in our backyard (as we are on the river). I do miss them alot!
    Lucky Smith Falls residents.

  5. Gail Ritchie

    Slain for the male since it means from the valley and Slanie for the female since it means f good health! These names incorporate the most letters of Smiths Falls. I’m glad we now have them!

  6. Liz Greaves

    My suggestion for the names of the swans

    Wally and Sheila

    My parents Wallace and Sheila Coombs were long time residents of Smiths Falls, in fact my dad was born in Smiths Falls . My sisters Patty and Margaret and I grew up at 6 Main Street East. My dad was on town council for many years and president of the legion. He was the first president of the Rideau Lakes Figure Skating Club. My mother named the club also.

    When my dad passed away, my mother took over managing the Licence Bureau on William Street. My mom and dad were in the navy and the army in Canada

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