Smiths Falls to do energy audit to find savings for the town

Posted on: October 26, 2016

By Howaida Sorour-Roberts 

Last year Smiths Falls spent $1.33 million on hydro and heating fuel, this year that figure is expected to rise to $1.38 million.  

In an effort to put the breaks on escalating energy expenses, Art Manhire, director of community services, recommended that the town enter into a letter of intent with Honeywell Energy Services Group to conduct the engineering work to identify energy saving projects.

Earlier this year the town had budgeted $20,000 for an energy audit.  Honeywell’s initial proposal for the audit was $38,000 but staff have negotiated a reduction that will keep the project within the budget.  Staff will work with Honeywell to point out the priority projects with the greatest potential for energy savings.  Once those are identified they will be brought to council for approval.

“The important part is that this work represents environmental and fiscal responsibility,” said Luis Rodrigues, vice-president automation and control solutions with Honeywell.