Smiths Falls won’t comment on changes to Lanark County plan

Posted on: February 28, 2017

Chris Must

As a separate municipality, the Town of Smiths Falls won’t be commenting on a proposed amendment to Lanark County’s official plan.

The amendment would recognize and classify “areas of natural and scientific interest” within the county, and was requested by the Town of Mississippi Mills, councillors were told at a Feb. 27 meeting. Senior Planner Niki Dwyer reported that Mississippi Mills wants to provide further projection to areas of natural and scientific interest within that municipality. Because Mississippi Mills is a “second-tier” municipality within Lanark County, the county has to amend its own official plan in order for Mississippi Mills to make the change.

Because Smiths Falls is not part of the county, the town’s plan does not have to conform to the Lanark County plan. “I still don’t think it’s prudent for us to send comments back to the county,” said Dwyer.

The only potential impact of the proposed county amendment would be on the “swale” wetland at the northwest end of town, which straddles the boundary line of Drummond North Elmsley and Smiths Falls. The swale is identified in the county official plan as a candidate area of natural and scientific interest.