More snow removal approved in Perth BIA

Posted on: December 11, 2017

Sally Smith

Its not easy, as we get older, getting out of a parked car in the middle of winter and trying to negotiate an 18-inch high snowbank, Councillor Jim Graff pointed out at Committee of the Whole on Tuesday night in Perth. For that reason he voted in favour of the towns recommendation for three additional snow removals in the downtown core. Town staff asked for pre-approval of $15,000 for three additional snow removals in select areas during the upcoming winter.

Correspondence from the BIA asked the town to consider the frequency of snow removal to reduce hazards to pedestrians, promote and encourage commerce and support the beautification efforts during the winter.

Councillor Boldt wanted it made clear that the snow removal is based on the amount of snow we have.He added that if the snow amount is low, the issue becomes moot. The motion for pre-approval was unanimously passed. It will go to council Dec. 19.