Station Theatre in Smiths Falls gets defibrillator

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Posted on: March 6, 2018


Four board members were on hand, Monday, March 5, when Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston MP Scott Reid and his aide Shawn Morrison carried two small boxes into Smiths Falls’ Station Theatre. Reid set the boxes on the counter, one a defibrillator and the other the white wall-storage unit.

Defibrillators go for about $2,000 and approximately 300 lives a year are saved by them, according to Reid.

Board members will attend training in the use of the defibrillator within several weeks.

The device gives an electrical shock to the heart to reset a normal beat. It scans for abnormal rhythms and advises the first responder to administer the jolt. Receiving immediate treatment could save lives and reduce the need for long-term hospitalization.

Early intervention, along with CPR, saves lives and improves survival rates by up to 50 per cent.

Those present included (from left) Dave Thornley, MP Scott Reid, Roger Sands accepting the device, Tom Foulkes and Terry Watkiss.