Stewart Park Festival Hires Perth200 Planning Consultants

Posted on: January 20, 2017

Jan 20th 2017

The Stewart Park Festival committee is excited to announce they’ve recently hired Cathy and Toby James of Cat’s Cove Communications as the festival’s administrators.

After a call-out for the position, the festival committee accepted Cat’s Cove’s proposal, which will see the duo work with the committee for a six-month contract.

“Cathy and Toby are Perthites who truly want to help bring a community together,” says Stewart Park Festival Chair John McKenty, referring to Cat’s Cove involvement with organizing the Town of Perth’s 200th anniversary celebrations last year. “Their event-planning and marketing background will be a valued asset for the festival.”

The administrator’s role will be to provide ongoing support from an administrative, marketing, sponsorship and day-of angle.

“We’re really happy that we get to be involved with the Stewart Park Festival,” says Cathy. “Toby and I have watched this festival run flawlessly for 25 years. And we couldn’t feel more honoured to have the chance to be a part a landmark weekend here in Perth.”

McKenty says that with the James’ on board this year, they’ll look to their current family life to help the festival organizers further focus on welcoming more families to the festival.

“They have a young family, which is a demographic that we want to continue to welcome to the park each summer,” explains McKenty.

After coming off a big year in 2016 with their 25th anniversary, the Stewart Park Festival committee will continue to work hard to bring in great musical acts, wonderful vendors, interesting workshops and an unforgettable weekend experience. They’ll also introduce bike racks for cyclists rolling into town as a 2017 initiative, with more plans rolling out in the coming months.

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