Stone Arch Bridge will accommodate art

Stone Arched Bridge
Posted on: August 24, 2016

By Howida Sorour-Roberts

In March Scott Poole of Greer Galloway Group, the consulting engineering firm on the Stone Arch Bridge restoration project, presented the Smiths Falls committee of the whole (COW) options regarding the barrier wall and railing for the Stone Arch Bridge.

At that time, members of council agreed on a less obtrusive wall with an open metal railing to give a better view of the river.

The idea of incorporating a ‘bumpout’ (a small section of wall that’s flush with the exterior but higher than the surrounding railing) was mentioned but not finalized.
During the Aug. 2 COW meeting, Troy Dunlop, director of public works and utilities, asked the committee for further input on the idea.

“The bumpout can be blank to accommodate a plaque or some piece of public art, the top of it can be square or we can round the top, we’re just looking for direction,” said Dunlop.

The consensus among committee members was to go ahead with a blank square-topped bumpout with a metal rail feature on top.

“I agree with all my fellow committee members, the bumpout is a great idea for a future plaque or future public art,” said Chris Cummings, Smiths Falls councillor and chair of the COW.

The renovation work has already been awarded to Colautti Construction for the low bid price of approximately $1.5 million, and should be starting soon