Strategic plan approved for the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital.

Entrance to the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital.
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Posted on: November 30, 2017


The Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital is pleased to announce that the 2018-21 Strategic Plan was approved at the November 28, 2017 Board of Directors’ meeting.  

The Board of Directors embarked upon the revitalization of the Strategic Plan in the fall of 2016, engaging key internal and external stakeholders through direct focus groups and online surveys.  

“As the Board of Directors sets the overarching strategy, staff and physicians create the relevant goals and objectives and, together with volunteers, we all work together with shared values.   We look forward to seeing this new Plan come to life,” said Donna Howard, Chair, Board of Directors.

Our Strategic Plan, (2018- 2021), provides a three year vision of the critical achievements we will strive towards through engagement, motivation and inspiration.  The attainment of our strategic goals will position the organization to further center care with patients and families, partner and engage with all of our stakeholders effectively and will also build upon an organizational foundation of stability and sustainability. This plan builds on the strengths of our 2014–2017 Strategic Plan and will provide our broad community with outstanding hospital services now, and in the future.

The strategic aims are:

  • Patient and Family Experience
  • Quality and Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Engagement

With this Plan, the Board of Directors the Mission, Vision and Values statements have been adjusted to reflect the current healthcare environment in our community and beyond.

Providing high quality patient- and family-centered care built on collaboration and partnerships

Exceptional care and patient experience
Every Patient – Every Time

Enabling an environment where there is:


  • Participation and partnerships that build an integrated health system with patients and families at the centre
  • Commitment to excellence in the provision of safe, high-quality care
  • Dignity and respect in every interaction we have
  • Collaboration and information sharing with our patients and families, our partners, and each other
  • Accountability to our stakeholders
  • Responsible stewardship of all our resources
  • Dedication to the recruitment retention and development of our great people

“The success of the recent strategic plan over the past three years was achieved through the dedication of our team, our partners and our relentless approach to monitoring, measuring and course correcting when needed,” commented Bev McFarlane, President & CEO.  “The new Plan will serve as a guide for our organization in the coming years.”

The full report is available on the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital website at:

About PSFDH:

The Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital (the “Hospital”) is an exemplary accredited acute care health care organization located on two state-of-the-art sites.  The hospital is situated in the heart of the Rideau Canal region and proudly provides health services to more than 44,000 people in the surrounding communities.  The hospital delivers a broad range of primary and secondary services and programs such as emergency care, diagnostic imaging, obstetrics, general and specialty surgical services, dialysis as well as laboratory and infection control services.

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