Sunshine lured hundreds to Tiny House Festival

Line up to a tiny house at the Perth Tiny House Festival.
Not many could fit in a tiny house at one time, so there were line-ups to get in for a look-see. Photo credit: Sally Smith.
Posted on: April 23, 2018

Sally Smith

Perth’s Tiny House Festival on Saturday was more than a success. Cars lined the highway by Algonquin College and visitors lined up to get into the tiny houses to see if they might actually be a fit. Ages ranged from babies in carrier pouches to grandparents. Most were just plain curious, others were planning future homes, some were there to confirm that where they lived right now was fine. One senior said, with a little skepticism in her voice, “That house could fit into my dining room!” The day was perfect, the first real day of warmth and sunshine in several weeks and over 200 visited the campus for lectures, workshops and to view the tiny buildings. Three other tiny houses were available for viewing off-site.