Taming traffic on Harold Street in Smiths Falls

Posted on: October 26, 2016

By Howaida Sorour-Roberts

Residents on Harold Street in Smiths Falls are finally going to see the town take steps to tame the traffic on their street.  Following consultations with residents, and the town’s Traffic Advisory Committee, Troy Dunlop, director of public works and utilities, is recommending that the town take steps to implement traffic calming remedies on Harold Street in 2017.

Council raised concern that residents on Harold Street have been complaining for a long time and next spring means they’ll have to wait another couple of seasons.

“This has been an ongoing concern,” acknowledged Dunlop, “But acting in haste doesn’t solve the problem, I suggest we make the right change that’s effective even if it takes a little longer.”

Dunlop also recommended that the town develop a traffic calming policy so that issues such as this can be dealt with in a more timely manner.