Tay Valley councillor candidate – Rob Rainer

Rob Rainer
Rob Rainer
Posted on: October 5, 2018

Rob Rainer Municipal Election Candidate Profile

Name: Rob Rainer

Municipality: Tay Valley Township

Position sought:  Councillor for Sherbrooke Ward

Are you currently retired or working (what industry):  I work as a freelancer and consultant to help meet the needs of not-for-profit organizations that I support (most of my work over the years has been in the not-for-profit sector).

Former elected positions/terms if applicable: I served a term as a school trustee in New Brunswick over 2001-2004.

Community volunteer experience (service clubs, local committees, fundraising, etc): I am a member of Tay Valley Township’s Green Energy and Climate Change Working Group, working on solutions to help the Township reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and save money. I have served on various boards of directors over the years. I’ve devoted over 3000 thousand hours since early 2013 to help advance basic income as a vital economic and social security policy for Canada. Earlier this year, I helped raise $30,000 for an African primatologist to conduct fieldwork concerning an endangered species of monkey in Cameroon.

Please list the top three issues facing your municipality and its residents that you would like to tackle in the upcoming council term:

a) Resolving and getting past findings of an independent investigator of workplace harassment by a current Councillor, a private citizen, and the MPP for Lanark-Frontenace-Kingston

b) Ensuring the Township has sufficient staff and expertise to meet the demand for land use planning, building inspections, and building/development permitting

c) Ensuring that the water and environmental resources of the Township are sufficiently protected to ensure their high quality

Your solutions/approach to those three issues:

If on the new Council, I will:

a) Help ensure the Township strictly adheres to Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act so that its employees are always properly protected from or defended against any form of external or internal harassment.

b) Strive to ensure that the Township’s annual budget includes sufficient funding to retain highly professional staff with strong expertise in land use planning and building inspections.

c) Strive to ensure the Township adheres to all applicable legislation, policies, and best practices designed to protect fragile water and environmental resources from improper land use and/or development.

Do you own property or operate a business in the community you are seeking election in? Yes, my wife and I own property in Tay Valley Township.