Telecommunications crossing given go-ahead at CoW

Posted on: May 9, 2018

Sally Smith

With barely the blink of an eye, council members, at a special Committee of the Whole meeting, May 7, sent a recommendation forward to council for the installation of a private (unregulated) telecommunications crossing on Hershey Drive to Air Care Drive. Private utilities require a municipal agreement to occupy any portion of a public highway and are handled under a license of occupation agreement.

This agreement handles the rights and responsibilities of both the municipality and the applicant. The concern is that the crossing is properly installed at the outset; failure to do this could put the public or future workers at risk when digging within the highway.

The applicant will cover survey and legal fees.

At the immediately following council meeting, the bylaw was unanimously passed with Mayor Pankows comment that this is the missing link to get operations on both sides of the road moving ahead.