The Bears took home a win against the Brockville Braves

Posted on: November 9, 2018

Chris Uhlig

That’s the way we like it – our Bears took home a win against the Brockville Braves Tuesday night at the Memorial Center in front of a crowd of 159.

Brockville’s Tyler McBay initiated scoring with a goal at 2:58 early in the first period. The Bears caught up with a powerplay score by Jacob Cuffley at 14:13, assisted by Ryan Richardson and Noah Romeo.

Theo Todd established the lead for the Bears with a goal at 14:54 in the second period, helped by Tate Leeson and Jacob Cuffley.

The third period started off with a fight between players of the teams about a minute into the game, resulting in serious penalties for both sides. While the officials deliberated the punishments, the two goalies, the lone players still on the ice, used the break to conduct a little hockey game of their own, much to the delight of the spectators. After continuation of the regular game, the Bears delivered the game winning goal through Alexandre Way at the 7:38 mark, assisted by Ethan Coltart and Noah Rowland. The Braves Eric Faith managed to narrow the gab with a score at 17:01, but it was too late to change the outcome of the game.

Jacob Cuffley was awarded the First Star of the game, Second Star went to Alexandre Way, and Third Star went to Tyler McBay (BRO).