Am I the only one: The cottage life

cottage life
Posted on: September 26, 2018

Carrie Wynne

Carrie WynneI cherish the memories at the cottage on the Magnetawan River every summer for two or three weeks. The smell of the rain-soaked leaves and the soft blanket of pine underneath my shoes reminds me of the carefree nature I once had as a kid. I feel more like myself at the cottage. A fox sprints on by down the road like he owns it. The front porch is my favourite place to relax. The fountain splashes across the street and the birds sing their happy songs. I don’t care about the shoes at the door or the lists or the laundry. I’d rather pick wild flowers or walk on the beach.

The beach is a great way to boost your immune system. The beach is a place where squandering time is accepted, and naps are encouraged by the sound of waves and a gentle breeze. When the lake is glass-like it brings so much peace to your life. A sunset swim is magical.

Boredom at the cottage as a kid was an excuse to float on our backs in the river or take the canoe down to get lily pads. Tapped into nature and living off the land, we’d catch minnows and frogs and boat to blueberry island, so Dad could make his delicious blueberry pancakes. The memories of shore lunches and fishing along the river are forever engraved in my mind. We would stop at railroad bridge on our way back to collect some fresh spring water.

Activities were simple and there wasn’t any stress or anxiety. I would help Mom wash clothes on the rocks, suntan in the boats with my sisters or tiptoe out before sunrise to go fishing with my brother who taught me when you see a log sticking out of the water, you cut the motor and drop your line.

After dinner, two or three boats loaded up with bait, tackle box, fishing poles and life jackets off we go to pickerel grounds, under the bridge, the white rock or coulters Island. Who’s going where and with whom? Who has the licorice pipes?

The cottage life was all so simple back then. Stress kills brain cells. I hope I’m this bored again soon. Am I the only one?