Three-way stop recommended at Victoria and Boulton

Posted on: December 11, 2017

Sally Smith

At Committee of the Whole on Dec.5, a motion was passed to amend the traffic and parking bylaw regarding three specific locations in Perth – Drummond and Craig, Drummond and North, and Victoria and Boulton Streets.

The recommendation in the spring of 2017 at Drummond and Craig Streets was to install a ladder-type crosswalk on Drummond, install an extended centreline on Craig St., install two larger stop signs on Drummond, and create wider stop bars at the intersection. No further recommendations were made.

At Drummond and North, the recommendation is to add four ladder bars to the four legs of the intersection; it does not meet the qualifications for a signalized intersection.

At Victoria and Boulton, the recommendation is to install a three-way stop  as a precautionary measure. There are no financial considerations. The motion was unanimously passed and will go to council Dec.19