More time asked to look at Conlon Farm canteen lease

Posted on: February 21, 2018

Sally Smith

Perth Councillor Judy Brown asked for a motion to postpone the passing of a bylaw (proposed at Committee of the Whole on Feb. 6) that would give exclusivity to the vendor of both Conlon Farm and the Community Centre canteens.

Mayor John Fenik, again (as he did on Feb. 6), spoke strongly against the motion of exclusive rights for the canteen at Conlon Farm, for two reasons. First, he said is that “this is our property,” adding the town should have the right of saying who can sell food there, underlining it should not be allotted to one vendor. And second, he pointed out that the Knights of Columbus give out hundreds of hamburgers and hotdogs in the summertime to kids; if the bylaw were passed this might effectively cut out that practice.

Councillor Jim Bolt clarified that the postponement was to give more time to look over the contract; the postponement of the motion was passed unanimously.

One thought on “More time asked to look at Conlon Farm canteen lease

  1. Dean Chew

    would other vendors have to pay rent and insurance like the vendor in the canteen. If not that is not fair to the person running the canteen. If you allow other vendors to sell food they should have to pay the canteen people a percentage of their sales.

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