Town to provide $1,500 to convert old store to boat repair shop

Posted on: September 5, 2017

Chris Must

Smiths Falls Town Councillors have agreed to provide $1,500 in assistance to the owner of 41 Centre Street to help convert the former Canadian Tire building at that location into a repair facility for boats.

A rear door in the building needs to be enlarged so that Le Boat, which will be opening a houseboat charter serviced on the Rideau based in Smiths Falls in 2018, can use it to repair boats.

Le Boat, a leading European charter company, has chosen Smiths Falls as the headquarters for its first North American venture. It is expected to see 16 houseboats available for tourists on the Rideau next summer.

Although building owner Roy Alexander’s application for funding did not meet the criteria for a Community Improvement Program grant (which normally helps to improve the aesthetic qualities of a building) councillors agreed to provide funding to offset the cost of rezoning fees.